Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jungle Fever?!

I was dropped by Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com) today. Don't know why!? :) Now Im sitting here wondering - Do I have this "legenadry" Jungle Fever? Am I a so called Negrophile? Mmm, not sure if I like that name at all. And I guess I shouldnt label myself at all, but it's still "interesting thoughts" presented on that site! :D

Jungle fever:
  • A white person dating a person of color.
  • An inter-racial relationship, namely between a white person and a black person.
  • When a non-black person is atracted sexually to black people. Originally it was used for when a white woman dates black men, but now it could refer to a white man who thinks black women are hot and wants to date them. 

  • A white woman who is only attracted to black men.
  • Some one who likes people of a black origin.


Anonymous said...

I don't trouble myself with labels. I don't even think there IS a term for women of colour who like/date white men, what's THAT about?

I just date who I like & what I am attracted to.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, you joined the huge Facebook group "Black Girls & White Guys," so I'm sure you've seen now, if you ARE a "negrophile" you certainly aren't the only one!

I am personally of the opinion that most white guys deep down have a "thing" for black women. Case in point: http://www.slide.com/r/iqqpzRab0T-frPBazUoDcDbQq1BlyOsW?previous_view=TICKER&previous_action=TICKER_ITEM_CLICK&ciid=3386706919828465657

MOST of the Famous White Men in Interracial Relationships (featured in the slide) are with BLACK women.

Anonymous said...

last anon, i'm not trying to be negative, but i actually think most people prefer their own race, otherwise interracial dating wouldn't be so controversial.

Anonymous said...

I did say "deep down!"

From my own experience, white guys who have always "done what they were supposed to do" and dated mostly white girls were relieved to date me - I was like a breath of fresh air to them! And secretly, most revealed, they would fantasize about black women.

I believe that white guys in general fantasize about being with a girl who is "exotic" whether that means black, Asian or whatever, because white girls are always being shoved down their throats. Who can blame them?

Black is Beautiful said...

Really interesting thought you all got here! :) I beleive maybe most people prefer their own "race" when it comes to serious relationsship... but I'm pretty sure there are many out there that are "fantasizing" and are excited about the "exotic". Im not sure if it's this way, just me thinkin! :)

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

I have always thought of "Jungle Fever" as a slightly offensive term that discredits the genuine feelings that people in IR relationships may feel. There is a Spike Lee Movie that is about 15 years old of the same title, I don't know if you have seen it, but it is interesting. IT just implies that it's some kind of sexual fetish. Labels don't matter, though, it's only about how two people feel about each other and knowing that what they have is real.

N. said...

I agree with FunkyStar... that "jungle fever" usually has a negative connotation, i.e., the reason that you are interested in the other "race" is because there is something wrong with you; illness is the cause. Like anonymous, I date who I want and don't care about the stupid labels. Kudos to you Black is B...

Name: G. T. said...

Andreas, I really appreciate that you are celebrating black beauty. Kudos to you!

Black women who are interested in dating white men and other non-black men, check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate the interest of a person because they want to not just because they are afraid to go against the grain. Do people stay within their own race because they fear what others will think? I am attracted to whatever kind of guy that is attracted to me. I like to call that chemistry.

I find it hypocritical to feel that you do not care what people think but you are afraid to be seen with certain people. My interest in white guys stems from how I am treated by them. I do not like being taken for granted. I truly think that it says something good about a person who is willing to do what they feel is good for them and not be concerned with what others think.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how overwhelmingly pleased some of you black women are with yourselves for "gittin' you a white man." (But) I guess I can't blame you people entirely for your self-loathing and decision to quit being Black seeing as how Hollywood even managed to hoodwink Jada and LisaRaye. I guess like wearing blue contact lenses and putting that blonde crap in your hair, it's just the thing to do. Suicide would've been the better alternative, though. None of you need be surprised if you wake up in your masters beds bound in chains again. On the other hand, your miscegenation isn't totally without purpose, right? You can agree to play the slave mammie in his favorite role playing game in exchange for 5 or 6 good haired, lighted "skinded" babies. Well, good for you!!! Just remember there's a "No Returns Policy". So, when he comes home after a bad day at the office with that Jim Crow South look in his eyes, it's tar, feathers, the whip, a rope, a horsey, and a tree limb for you, EX-sistuh :-) Enjoy!

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

Spoken like a man or woman who truly hates BW. Why go on a site like this to spew your Troll venom. BW have the right to love whoever they want without having their Blackness questioned. It's strange how Reggie Bush, Kobe Bryant and others never never have the self-hatred label thrown at them . Yet, if it's a BW, it's a cardinal sin and we automatically must want to be White. Since you mentioned slavery, what about how BM got lynched for even looking at a WW, yet given that history, it does not stop BM from going after WW. BM can be with whomever they want and so can BW. You mentioned weaves and ble contacts? That's interesting, because I see more WM with Natural BW . They seem to appreciate BW that way, unlike some BM, who call our natural features ugly and they go to other races of women that they put on a pedestal. No one hates BW more that BM especially here on the Internet. There is way more BW bashing here than BM bashing, yet somehow we are supposed to take it. Well,we don't and we deserve to be loved like anyone else and if we get it from a non-BM, so be it. No one is qualified to judge