Thursday, April 9, 2009

The swedish home for afro/caribbean culture

Just wanna stand up for the new community/site - - "the swedish home for afro/caribbean culture". It's so great to see projects like this coming up in countries like Sweden. Big-up!



FunkyStarkitty50 said...

That is great. Is there much of an Afro/Caribbean community there in Sweden. When I think of Sweden I always imagine that everyone there has blond hair and blue eyes, but I'm sure there must be other ethnic groups there.

Andy said...

Hi, Funky! Good question. My name is Andy from and your question was one of the reasons I started the site.

Yes, there are many more ethnic groups than you'd think, but they are not highlighted in the media. There are many mixed-raced people as well. But in Sweden you are either classed Swedish or an immigrant, but we are trying to change that by saying Afro-swedish, African-swedish, latino-swedish etc...It will take time but we're trying.

And too many people see 'Black' as negative.

Together with blogs like Andreas we hope to a promote a very beautiful and positive image.

Be blessed.

Black is Beautiful said...

True that, true that! :)

John said...

This is great!!!

Little Toy said...

Wow, I'm surprised! Coming from the Caribbean where we see all types of nationalities it's odd to think there are places that hardly have any ethnic minorities living there. I myself would be slightly uncomfortable visiting a country where there is hardly a presence of other minorities. I may have to change my mind and visit Sweden sometime.