Monday, July 6, 2009

“We Don’t Want Black Women Selling Our Cosmetics”

This is not a news to a lot of people - black women are often under-represented in commercial ads. Why? As for me, working in the advertising industry, that is an "unspoken" fact. Okey, I live in a country like Sweden, mostly a white population, but the "multi culture" elements of this population is rising. I've even had customers that clearly said that "we can't have this little cute black girl on this brochure ... we want it to have a scandinavian touch". What's up with that?

This is probably the most "political correct" I can get (LOL) but why is it like this?

Now I just read about the french cosmetic giant that apparently said "they don't want black women selling their products..." They've had Beyonce among others to promote thier products. And I guess thats the "closest" they get to black. Never seen any dark-skinned models promoting them. Only time you see the beautiful black women in ads are if you are reading a VIBE, SOURCE etc or going to a "afro hair dresser". I know I'm looking at this topic in a very general way now, but still it's a interesting thought.

"French cosmetics giant, L'Oreal, who has hired Beyonce and other African-American personalities to front their products is in hot water. It's ok for us to peddle their products but not ok for us to work behind the scenes. The highest court in France determined that executives at Garnier, L"Oreal's beauty products division, intentionally created an all-White sales teams to promote their shampoos throughout the country, according to Blacks, Asian and Middle Eastern women were hardly ever considered for hostess positions.

In fact, a fax was issued into evidence that requested hostesses must be between 18-22 years old, wear a European size 38-42 and be BBR. Apparently, BBR stands for "bleu, blanc, rouge" or French for "blue, white, red" the colors of their French flag which is also code for white people. This ends a three-year legal battle for the L'Oreal bosses who apparently were "disappointed" by the court's decision. They will now have to pay 30,000 Euros in fines and another 30,000 in damages.-WLW"

From Essence


American Black Chick in London said...

I remember reading about this case a couple weeks ago! Here's the article I read, which gives a few more details about it:

Ugh it's absolutely ridiculous. Apparently L'Oreal would only hire young, white female workers to sell one of their shampoo lines. The reason the company gave was super weak. It was something along the lines of minorities not being able to sell the shampoo to the target audience...*sarcasm* because clearly Asian, Black and Middle Eastern women and women over 22 don't wash their hair. WTH?! Not only did they discriminate against minorities, they also practiced ageism. Utterly disgusting. I feel like in the US and here in the UK it would be difficult to even think about attempting a stunt like what L'Oreal pulled in France. Although know that I think about it L'Oreal did get into some hot water back in the US for a hair color advertising campaign with Beyonce in which it looked like photos of her had been "lightened up."

I do wonder, in the Scandinavian countries, how often do you see advertising with non-white models? Does anyone know? I know here in London and back home in the US you see more ethnic variety as far as adverts are concerned, although the "look" for minorities tends to be similar (white or light skin, long hair, angular/sharp features...not always but pretty often).

kala77 said...

First I have to say I love the new design.

I really think its just ridiculous that this kind of discrimination goes on. Even though I do have a problem with the discrimination, a part of me doesn't want to get too angery. Mainly because I'm thinking "ok, if someone that looks like me or is of a certain age is not good enough to sell your products, don't bother asking for my money."

Thats really my main issue. If they don't want women of color advertising their products, fine. But don't ask for our damn money!!!!!!!

Its a complete joke to have someone like Beyonce and any other woman of color or a woman of a certain age advertising their products. Knowing fully well that they couldn't care less about us.

jess said...

Sean "puffy" combs requested specifically ONLY, white ,latino and LIGHT skinned black women for his campain. Is it ok for bm to do it but on one else? just a question:)

Anonymous said...

Hate to be a stickler Jess, but since we are now getting into beauty politics, and not just beauty, do you mind siting a source, or more than one if you have it?

keeping us honest,


Moorena said...

Thats really my main issue. If they don't want women of color advertising their products, fine. But don't ask for our damn money!!!!!!!

Amen! Soooooo true. We complain but won't hit them in the pockets. I think as the WM get more vocal about their choices things are going to start changing. Especially in the film arena. BW have to start exercising their voices too.

Moorena said...

This is from Harry;s blog.

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Only Light-Skinned Women Need Apply

Ciroc Vodka Ad Casting

"For the new ads promoting Ciroc vodka, Diddy is looking for attractive girls - but only those with light skin. The casting call, released by Imperative Management, requests girls of certain height and size requirements, as well as only white, Hispanic, and fair-skinned African Americans."


This is yet another example of dark-skinned Black women and Asian women being discriminated against in the media.
Posted by Harry Potter at 2:21 PM 109 comments

Here is a link:

Anonymous said...

yeah, i remember that on the whitewomensuck blogspot they discussed this and there were white men speaking out against these kinds of racist practices favoring white women. it was funny they were white guys who apparently got "snowblinded" from all the white women in advertising and demanded something else.

Blondecore said...

This is the filthiest media propaganda. Loreal are great company and to ridicule them in this way, is simply disgusting!
its actually the opposite: i see soooo many black females on tv and dvd movies its frightrening. i dont watch many movies, but recent dvds i watched are alien vs the predator (the new series) 1 and 2.
in the first one the main character was nappy ugly black girl and in the second the blonde female which is "girlfriend" of the main male character is depicted as dumb slut: which is DISGUSTING!

Anonymous said...

I discovered the model site is


It was full of shocker for me because I saw many black models without euro features and out of european shape .

American Black Chick in London said...

@ Anon - I've heard the story about Sean Combs too. I'm not sure if it's true, but if it is I actually think it's worse than what L'Oreal did. As a black person, Puffy should definitely know better than to discriminate on the basis of skin color. The fact that another black person may have specifically requested white, latina, asian and black models with light skin only serves to further perpetuate colorism in the black community.

Anonymous said...


Weren't you going to be away for a week? And here I thought we'd have a week of peace.

Another post from Harry's blog:

A few paragraphs:
"So if men are not creating the demand for the endless parade of blond-haired, blue-eyed white women we see in the media, who is? Generally speaking white women are the ones who see blond hair on women as the ideal, not men. White women are the ones who idealize blond hair and blue eyes on women with an almost nazi-like enthusiasm.

"It is this vanity and sense of superiority to other women that is creating the demand for this over-representation of blond-haired, blue-eyed, white women."

"There are more blondes one TV because that is what white women want to see.
The flip-side of the coin is that they do NOT want to see anything other than white blond women portrayed as the ideal. "

I see in your case at least, this is true.

Black Valkyrie said...

L'Oreal is a racist company. Anyone who supports it is supporting discrimination. Enough said.

Blondecore said...

i dont have nothing against females from all races (asian or black) which copy our (european) look, but i am against companies which promote "natural ethnic" features. Plz have them in USA or Asia, Africa NOT in Europe...
you support racism against white european females in beauty industry. what is wrong with Loreal for example? here some different point of view: do ethnic black beauty companies allow white models? of course not, so you are (again) showing nasty hypocrisy.
very low mindset you have "darling" (Moorena)

American Black Chick in London said...

@ Blondore - The problem with your argument is that L'Oreal is not considered an "ethnic" company and doesn't market its products as such. They market their products to Asian, White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Black etc. men and women all over the world, which is why they've used spokespeople who have a wide variety of "looks" like Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Andie MacDowell, Penélope Cruz, Daniel Wu and Kerry Washington. "Ethnic" beauty companies, on the other hand, are specifically targeting an ethnic population in order to sell products specifically made for that ethnic group's hair or skin (for example, for black women: relaxers, hair moisturizers, makeup designed for darker skin, etc).

And what is wrong with promoting "natural ethnic features"? Europe is not white, it's racially mixed (maybe not as much as the US, but I don't know what the numbers are). If anything, showing models with different looks and different ethnic backgrounds actually increases sales for companies by widening their market and customer base.

And sorry my first comment was actually in response to Jesse's question.

Blondecore said...

ummmm i dont get something. why FRENCH company to try selling beauty products to ALL races and ethnicities of females? actually they have brand for asians and blacks - for their (your) specific hair needs and skin care. and about "blue, white, red" thing: this is not "code for white people" is code for people which look french and like french culture and heritage. i know some really dark skinned females but with complete european features (from hair to facial bone structure and body shape). so even if the girl is black but have the wanted features she can have the hostess position or to be part from new product development team. i live in eastern europe - so i dont have so much compasion for western european countries like France or Britain: i preffer Estonia, Latvia, Lithuana and Russia. foir example: how much estonian females write articles about "french racism" about being discriminated that they dont represent truly France? ummm? none!
I dont buy products of Loreal but still: they are great company with long story so is very unfair someone to demean them this way... its not cool

Anonymous said...

Blondecore, what you are witnessing is not some sort of shameful attack on Loreal. These are simply market forces at work.

When you have an international company that would like to benefit from an international market, then said company will be subject to the reactions and perceptions of international consumers.

No one here has advocating blowing up the Loreal factory. We simply will individually make choices to spend our own money with companies who's hiring and advertising practices we agree with.

If Loreal doesn't care about black women's money, then they can do whatever they wish. No one is forcing them to do anything, and we will simply buy our beauty products from someone else.

That is the power of a free market. If a business makes choices that we disagree with, we are also free to make choices in aid of our self-interest. There really is nothing for you to get worked up over.

If Loreal is happy just making money from Europeans, then they can continue doing exactly what they're doing. But if they want to continue benefiting from black women's purchases, then they may have to change their policies.

It really is quite civilized.

Blondecore said...

yes... but look from this point:
how many african international companies have products for the skin and hair for european females? zero, right? on the other hand in europe have beauty products for specific asian and black care, so i dont get it how Loreal are racists... no one explained this to me. only i saw a online article writed by biased american person, nothing else.
i hope that most of the users here understand that statements like "black females are underpresented in the media" is disgusting lie. If i am honest: i dont expect that hollywood can show only beautiful european females (i want to see this), because USA is a immigrant colony - yes i said "COLONY" you are still colony to these days of Europe... and i bet that most of u dont knowed that, am i right? if u dont belive me (and i am sure about this lol) just search on google about the yearly colonial tax which USA government (now with Obama as president) pay to United Kingdom and "Her Majesty" lol
so as i said, you are still a colony full with all sorts of immigrants but still - black females get too damn media attention. dont get me wrong - i just dont like asian or black female vision. u dont represent feminine look if u ask me. asians are too underdeveloped, blacks are too much developed.... so yeah, no harsh feeling but i dont want to see u on TV. these things are ok with USA but only there...

Black Valkyrie said...

If a company says "We Don't Want Black Women Selling Our Cosmetics", they are racists. Period. If something like that isn't racism, nothing is.

Anonymous said...

@ Black Valkyrie

I can't say that that's always true. If a company is marketing to a specific niche, then they may exclude black models because they do not represent their target niche. However, if they want to use every other ethnicity EXCEPT for black models, then I'd agree that it's probably racist.

@ Blodecore

African beauty companies (even if they operate in Europe) are targeting a specific ethnic niche. They are not selling products to native Europeans so, of course, they do not feature them in their advertising. However, if they did begin selling beauty products to white people in Europe, they should be held to the same standard as we are now holding Loreal to. If Loreal was only selling to caucasians, we would expect them to only feature caucasians in their ads. But since they sell their products to everybody, we want to see everybody represented in their ads.

As for the rest, you really must stop using Google to teach yourself world history. The internet is not a textbook. The American Revolutionary War was ended in 1776, and the United States has not been a colony since then. Try asking your history professors instead of looking up sites on the web.

We understand that you have these rather provincial ideas about femenine beauty. Your ideas about beauty place people who look like you as most beautiful and people who don't look like you as less beautiful. Decades ago this idea was much more widespread, but most cosmopolitan people now see beauty as percetive to the viewer. Beauty is what people enjoy seeing and that changes as people, cultures, and ideas change.

You can keep hanging on to those ideas, if you like, but as you grow older, you will find that you are part of an ever-shrinking minority of people who think that way. It would be better to try and take on a new perspective.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I'm sorry.

The Amercan revolution began in 1775 but officially ended in 1783.

Blondecore said...

to you anonymous:
obviously you have some mental blockage for ignoring my point of views...
loreal cant use european young females for afro beauty products because you have different body, skull, facial and hair shape... look their ads for afro beauty products - i only see black models...
"beauty is the eye of beholder" is very dumb argument, dont you think? even babies (from all races and sexualities: generally babies are born bi-sexual) can show beautiful people when they see them on photos. it was test condoned by BBC... very interesting results i may say.
so u must be really dumb person to think that beauty is something which cant be seen, or to think that beauty is something personal for every individual... but you think that way ummmmm? for shame...

Anonymous said...

Kelly Rowland is better than Beyonce all the way but wait a minute she has dark skin what a fair!!

American Black Chick in London said...

@ Blondcore - Anon at 4:04 is right. America hasn't been a colony for over 200 years. Taxation was one of the very reasons the US sought it's independence from the UK, so I can assure you we don't pay a "colonial tax." I agree with Anon; the internet has a lot of false information on it and is in no way a substitute for picking up and reading an actual historical textbook. And there's no reason to be rude to or call Anon names. She was simply explaining to you, rather politely I though, her viewpoint/some facts about American history.

Blondecore said...

i can recognise beautiful females no matter their race or skin color. this site have wonderfull looking black models.
i generally dislike ugly people... deep hate... i had really bad moment yesterday: on the trolleybus (this is one of the main transports in my country along with metro train stations) to my seat standed white dark haired female which had moustache over her FAT disgusting lips.... oooo my god... she was OBESE, she smelled like fart, sweat and dead flesh... i just wanted to slap her on her meaty face, im not kidding.
i am glad that i can control my feeings
here some video of some euro blonde female which have the same exact feelings toward ugly people... it was really shocking because i never expect someone to behave and think in the same way as me:

Anonymous said...

It can be argued that without these "ugly people" (as you call them) there would be no beautiful people either. Think about it. If everyone in the world was beautiful then the new word for it would be "average."

Beautiful means EXCEPTIONAL and above average. But if everyone looked like you, then you wouldn't be the exception — you'd be the rule.

Zindzi (aka Black Girl Pain) said...

Blondecore: I just bet you ugly as homemade soap and/or sin too! LMAO!

Blondecore said...

Zindzi (aka Black Girl Pain) :
o yeah, i am soooo ugly and stupid, and based on your photo i can assure u that u are the most beautiful female which i ever saw in my entire life, and your skin dont look greasy at all. your froggy eyes along with the glasses make u to look more sexy than swedish teengirl. your grace and intelligence can be feeled even from mere photo... u make me to feel so bad
i can assume that u are enough intelligent to understand my true feelings about your "beauty" (so wrong word in your case) and "intelligence" (plz dont try to look smart or witty, u cant fool nobody even online)...

kala77 said...

Hey people :). I just realized that there is no point in trying to get through the "idiot." LOL. We would have better luck talking to a brick wall. I think of her as more of a clown because she is making me laugh so hard.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you sometimes she's up sometimes she's down sometimes she likes this site, most times she's disgusted. Whatever.... I wonder if the university she goes to allows her to use the internet as her main siting source for all her school projects. I know when I was in university using the internet so much to reference my projects in class would catch me an F or a plegerism suit if I chose to go that route and seriously stop watching movies or reading magazines or whatever else that have ethnic females in it if you dont like it flip the channel or turn the movie off read a real text book or something.

As for L'Oreal they need to stop using ethinic people in their campaigns if they dont want us using their products. Most ethnic companies do not cater to Caucasians specifically because they are not in the market to do so. Companies should target and use only models that target their specific interest group and stop trying to get into ethnic people's pockets by flaunting ethinic representation. No one is doing the company any injustice they are just calling out a fact that is very obvious. Ethinic companies do not put white people in their campaigns to get their money there is just no point. Companies like L'Oreal do and they need to stop.

Blondecore said...

u are all racists, no doubt about that.
here some interesting topic about interracial relationships (i am open for ir option, but generally is not for my vision of future: kids and family) from ww/bm point of view:

my question toward u black ladies/white gents is: dont u find very hypocritical when u complain about discimination but in the same time show complete disrespect toward your own kind? ummmmmm?
i understand that dumb people have in the both "groups", but at least stop being hypocritical and say that u are racists....

Blondecore said...

and i almost forgot:
why so many of you use the word "hispanics"?
latino people (from argentinians to brazilians) are conisidered "white" (europids)... so u dont have excuse for the lack of knowledge: i know that many americaneros are creationists, but get serious education in biology plz. or at least see the people from the race called "hispanics":
many of them (im speaking about females and kids of course - males are generally speaking dark) are light haired and eyed.
ignorance is not a virtue ladies

Blondecore said...

i have so many questions toward all of u, about social attitudes and behaviour...
its not only interracial relationship but also mundane things, like for example: smart blonde females...
many sexological studies concluded that large "portions" of western countries, mainly USA and Canada, have special "attitude" toward good looking blonde females which are very intelligent. this "special attitude" unfortunately is: ignoring their opinion and making them to look stupid sluts (with the help of verbal abuse). its very interesting to see that one famous online celebrity "hotforwords" is russian intelligent females but she is completely degraded in the comment section of her videos, which again show the attitude of general public toward blonde good-looking females (cliches are funny):

i for example expected to see on blogs about love like this - some more open-mindness but i only see open "dislike" toward me (i hope that this is not a hatred)... why is that?

American Black Chick in London said...

@ Blondcore - Americans tend to use the word "hispanic" to denote folks from countries formerly ruled by Spain. And we do receive biology education in school, as well as history lessons. At least in South and Central America, the people are not just white. That region is a mixture of white/European, black/African, and indigenous/Native Indian blood, so there are folks with a wide variety of skin tones and hair types, ranging from very light to very dark skin and super straight to super curly hair. I'm black, but I can also speak Spanish. When I used to live in New York, I lived in different Hispanic communities and often was mistaken for being a member of that community because the "look" is so varied. I've meet Dominicans, Brazilians, etc. (both men and women) who are darker than me. At least in the US, folks in the Hispanic community aren't considered "white", although there are some who will self-identify as "black latino/a" due to have both black and latin bloodlines.

And just because someone dates interracially doesn't mean they hate or discriminate against their own race. I date interracially, but that doesn't mean I exclude or don't find black men attractive. It just means I can see the attraction/beauty in all races. I know that some of the ladies on here don't hate men of their own race, but simply find men of other races more attractive. And some of the ladies on here do seem to have some serious issues towards black men/dislike black men. But everyone's experience is different and the reasons for dating interracially (or not dating interracially) vary depending on your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Personally if you trully did not want to be hated on here then you should have come on this site with a better attitude. The reason why people hate "YOU" and let me reiterate so you can understand the word "YOU" is because of your stink attitude. You spew information like it's diareah with out any real direction. You give us internet facts and sites that have no real meaning except to you. No body here hates white women actually I think most of them are quite lovely but they arent the only ones who are beautiful. Black men are wonderful and they deserve the love they get from any woman whoever they choose their partners to be. This site ran by a man who happens to love black women and is white is only showing his preferences. Now Blondcore really stop trying to play mind games. One day you play the victim shouting out racism against yourself then in the next breath you spew the same shit your crying out against. Lets keep it real you hate black people, you dont understand this site and your on here because you like a challenge. People are only going to show you hate if you keep giving out hate.


Blondecore said...

you are idiot (idiotism is serious mental illness by the way. idiotism affect not only the behaviour of the people but also their physical appearance. all idiots are ugly, no exception - new information cant hurt your grey-goo which u call brain)

american chick in london:
u are really smart i may say.
its great when users here dont begin to use such words as "stop playing the victim, you are racist etc" but instead show some understanding toward me.
i have too many questions, but here some few mundane questions toward You:
1. what is your attitude toward fat people (both males and females)?
2. what do you consider "beautiful" (if i see such thing as "beauty is the eye of beholder" im warning u: you gonna lose my respect toward you)in males and females (differences does matter for me, so be specific)
if you willing to answer my two simple questions let me know.

Blondecore said...

and cliches are so funny (pathetic) because they show that behaviourism (its part from psychology) is legitimate science which can make true predictions of the mood and behaviour of big portions of human populations.
i already show u evidence with the video of "hotforwords", which is really smart blonde russian female, but how people degrade her.
the funny thing is that these people dont understand that they are "guinea pigs" of behaviourists and part from statistics, poor idiots:

"BunnyBoyHotPants (12 hours ago) Ya know we only watch your videos because we wanna spooge all your slutty face. The words that comes out of your mouth? We turn off the volume. I would start at the forehead and work my way down to your chin. "

"TheDude2208 (7 hours ago)
all I hear is "Hi I'm Blondie and I barely speak english! hehehe"

"nottimid (7 hours ago)
I hate you!!! I wish YouTube can take this garbage off as a featured vid... no one cares about your fake breasts and stupid Paris... "

"G0dx0fxTh0r (7 hours ago) blahblahfakeblondefaketitsblah blahblah"

"imyourhustler (12 hours ago)hahaha who fucking cares bleach blonde douchebag"

"tacocricket (13 hours ago)
lame. just another dumb blond seeking attention on YouTube..."

Anonymous said...

Can't waste my breath with you here any longer NEXT

Blondecore said...

breath? ummm.... dont u mean your fat meaty lardy greasy sweaty sticky fingers?
dont waste your precious time with me "sweetie"... such beautiful creature like u can only bring jelaousy in me and to make me feel inferior ;)
bless jesus fuckin corpse for such divine species as you fuckface!

Anonymous said...

Blondecore, I don't know if this will help your perspective of not.


Interracial and intercultural relationships of any kind (not just sexual) are sure to become a lot more common as time goes on. It wasn't so long ago that nobody could travel to another part of the world without great danger and expense.

But today, international travel is cheap enough that almost anyone can save up enough money to travel a great distance from where they were born. Add to that what we are doing right now. You are communitcating with black women all over the world just by using this blog. Think of how many times this is happening all over the world, every day. People who are different are being brought together by both travel and technology.

If you just think ahead, this probably means that in many ways, we will all become less different and more integrated. We will learn from you, and you will learn from us. It seems inescapable that as this happens, more and more people will begin to cross over the color lines, both to make friends and even to find mates.

I hope that you will at least take a moment to think about this. It is difficult to stand in the way of history. All of what I have said is happening now, and by posting here, you are even participating in it.

It just might be a good idea to at least begin to accept that things are not going to be as they once were, and that we ALL must change as the world changes.

Blondecore said...

"Interracial and intercultural relationships of any kind (not just sexual) are sure to become a lot more common as time goes on."

u dont tell me something new. second graders know that, so?
as i said i dont have issues with interacial sexual relationhsips. the only groups of people which "need" to "worry" are straight asians, black females and other "outsiders" as indians and saudi arabs (the dorky intelligent small dicked races)..... its a fact that we live in new world, but still humans are natural... and natural instincts of humans depicted the most wanted females to be with european descent. these natural instincts depicts asian males as most feminine and impotent ones, these natural instincts depict black females as.... UGLY and without any femininity in them, these natural instincts depict the most desirable males (with high sexual stamina) to be blacks... so "sweetie" instead accepting the new world, try to change our human biology (you CANT but at least try - like some quest of your great life)... first mistake of black women empowerment organisations is to create the myth about why so many people are obbsesed with light haired european females is "simply because of generations of colonizations and recently media brainwashing" and so on... why you lie yoyrself this way i dont know (and i dont care about your pathetic life... i pity you)
as everyone know: there is only one race (homo sapiens) with many sub-races "created" by enviromental adaptations... there is no need to deny that these adaptations "created" european females the most desired species by straight males from ALL races. There is new trend among rich asian feminine guys to try their luck with european females. its great thing (for me and every light haired/blonde/platinum euro girl) to be desired by any normal straight male... something u will never experience
for shame.... :(
(like i care ahahahahahahaha)

Anonymous said...

Um... In case you haven't noticed, whe're on a site right now where a ehite European male is expressing his "desire" for black women... Dummy!

J.Gracey said...

If they don't want us selling it, than they're also saying they don't want us buying it. Which is fine by me. All of the crap in L'Oreal products are what keeps many women looking old. Chemicals and poisons the whole lot of it.

Marv (aka Niche Who) said...

Great Post!

Racism on any level today is sad...
Racism in any industry today is sad...
Racism in any country is sad...
Racism against any race is sad...
Racism within the beauty/cosmetic industry; is down right ugly with a world full of beautiful people in all shades of the color spectrum!

Niche Who

Blondecore said...

some time stereotypes are expoitable.
like femininity of asian guys. some females like androgynous girly boys (its definetelly not for me, even if i am bi-seuxal, i preffer not to "mix" the different feelings) so asians can totally win the hearth of such girls.
some males like the stereotype of "wild sexual black females", so yeah... i dont have chance with such males, which dont search beautiful shy girl like me...
so as u can see (all of u: readers of this blog) the world is not black and white.

sky said...

Blondecore said..."There is new trend among rich asian feminine guys to try their luck with european females. its great thing (for me and every light haired/blonde/platinum euro girl) to be desired by any normal straight male... something u will never experience
for shame.... :(
(like i care ahahahahahahaha"

Lol if you're so confident in this "new trend" as you put it, why are you here? are you trying to convince us or yourself? From reading all of your post I don't believe for one second that you're white. Not one bit.

I don't get you, and I don't care to get you. Is it because there is actually a blog written here by a WM that shows his undying love for black women and knows in the future that he wants his wife to black? that his site has different black women of all facial features that you consider ugly? that the site is design in such a way that it looks like a beautiful piece of art? That you as a white women(?) have never seen, not even for your own kind? With all the magazines and tv shows staring ya'll you've never seen it like this! You can't fathom that can you? (that is if you are white, but what would it matter). So you come here and convince yourself otherwise that it can't be true even when it slaps you in the face every time you come here. And why you would come here is an excellent question for you.

If you're so confident in the media and how they protray women espeically white women, then again there is no reason for you to be here. This blog wasn't made for you. That's like me going to an all white empowerment blog and making ass facts about bw and how much they are better. What good is that if that is not what the blog is about.

You are only the sterotypical white girl(if that is what you are) who can't stand to see the attention go elsewhere, so she trys to bring the attention back on herself even if that means looking like a damn fool(which you are). Doesn't matter if what you're saying doesn't make any sense, all eyes are on you,lol.

You may have the media in your favor(which actually cost white women to look like something they are not and are killing themselves to look like it all for the sake of looking like a size 0. Most ww can't live up to their own standard of beauty, but your white you outta know that), but we have something called "from the horses mouth", meaning real men regardless of color are coming out the woodwork going after what they really wanted all women. =)

I know this is unfolding before you're very eyes that you can't stand it, which explains your presence here. Maybe you should start checking out the IRR between black women and white men on facebook, and when I say there is a lot of them, i do mean a lot of wm, including this guy has their facebook page dedicated to bw.

You may feel that bw aren't desirable,and you know what, that's okay, but you're not a man, so what the hell do you know. And in my daily walkings throughout the mall, resturants, or just going down the street, men of all races make it a point to let me know they are indeed interested/are attracted to me. So don't try to tell me or others as a bw who desires us and who doesn't because you don't have the slightest clue, hence your new revelation of this blog.

blondcore I'm sure there are sites that suite your nature. Whatever that may be, but this isn't one of them. This blog wasn't meant for your eyes and heart, because apparently you can't handle the truth right in front of you. That is if at all you are a ww, and i wouldn't be surprised at all if you weren't. But If you are, I suggest you get your pretty little head together cause you're gonna see a lot of us and this blog continue to increase. Stay sane.peace.

Moorena said...


Beautiful well done. I can't say any more.

Gloryus said...

Very well written, Sky!

I cant tell you why she even bothers to present herself on this blog. It's APPARENT that Loreal is guilty of the accusation being thrown at them... thus, there really isnt a need to insist otherwise. And just looking at all the unecessary indirect comments she's made about black women makes me *SIGHS*

Blondecore said...

i dont get your message.
i dont claim that this blog is some sort of "fetish". its ordinary love blog.
here some real fetish blog, which degrade black females... example for stupidity and severe bias of some sad people:

and if somebody want really to help with banning real "hate blog" as whitemeat just contact and its done...

Blondecore said...

as i said i write only in few (4) blogs. and i found this accidentally, i never heard before of such fetishists which love one groups only for their skin color and bone structure. after that i found female fat admirers (females which have fetish for fat males), beastforum (people which fuck only with animals, and claim that horses and dogs are better lovers than humans)... crazy and funny world.
if you want to see other blog which i not only read but express my feelings toward the imbecilic creator, here
i am with the user name "PETA girl"
its time for me to leave blackisbeautiful... most users here are kinda dumb.

summermidknight said...

I don't wear makeup except for on special occasions and I certainly don't wear loreal. They have Black Opal and other companies specifically for our skin since the mainstream companies have demonstrated that they don't care for us (black women).

But this site is supposed to be about uplifting black women- a positive thing regardless of who's doing the uplifting. I don't see the problem. Keep doing what you're doing!

sky said...

Blondecore said...

i dont get your message.
i dont claim that this blog is some sort of "fetish". its ordinary love blog.
here some real fetish blog, which degrade black females... example for stupidity and severe bias of some sad people:"

Where did I say that you claimed that this blog is "some sort of fetish"?

"and if somebody want really to help with banning real "hate blog" as whitemeat just contact and its done..."

I'll leave that to you, because it doesn't concern me.

"if you want to see other blog which i not only read but express my feelings toward the imbecilic creator, here
i am with the user name "PETA girl"
its time for me to leave blackisbeautiful... most users here are kinda dumb."

I'm not at all interested where you go, as long as you're not on this site. You're opinion is not needed here.

Feral Female said...

Despite wanting equality, I can understand certain brands wanting to use specific races to achieve a certain look, and I'm saying this as a black woman.

Take Dark & Lovely for instance, the women on the cover of the box are dark-skinned black women.

However, it is a known fact that Asians and Caucasians with thick hair (my greek classmate can testify to this), may use relaxers. I mean for a long time I didn't know what my Pakistani friend meant when she said she wants to get her hair chemically straightened - ohhhhhh!! Relaxed.

But would you ever see such a person on the box, especially with a name such as; "Dark & Lovely".

Equality.. hmmm

Feral Female said...

Summermidnight, your skin is beautiful, please tell me what techniques and products you use.

You mentioned something about Black Opal..

Anonymous said...

@ Feral

I think the difference is that Dark & Lovely, doesn't really market to Greeks and Pakistanis, per se.

They don't make products specifically for that market, nor is that market a significant percentage of the company's profits center.

Sure, you may get some incidental use by a few people of other ethnicities, from time to time, but that's not the same thing as marketing to them and then leaving them out of the fashion imagery.

If Dark & Lovely transforms from a niche product to a mass market product, then they will be expected to reflect ALL of their customers, just like anyone else.