Monday, October 19, 2009

Beauty of the Moment


Beauty of the Moment

BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT: Gladys Owusu Amponsa, Germany


"Keith Bardwell, of Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana, denied racism but said mixed-race children were not readily accepted by their parents' communities."

What's up with that???

He "did not believe in 'mixing the races'."

Crazy. One word from me.

BBC NEWS: Anger at US mixed marriage 'ban'

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Black Woman in European Media

Got this interesting question the other day:

Are black women in Sweden or Europe in general portrayed better in the media than in the States (i.e. Hollywood, rap videos, etc.)? How so?

In some ways I would say yes, and in some way no.
First of all, Europe and specially Sweden are very inspired by The States in so many ways. From culture, music, movies, tv, food etc. And american TV series and movies are very common here, so in that way I would say it is the same as in U.S. And when it comes to music -  american hip-hop and r&b are very popular here too. In those ways I guess it's the same way as in the States. But in some ways we are looking at thos culture aspects in a not allways "dead-serious" way. So if the black woman are portrayed in one special "american" way, whe can see through it. But in many ways, the black woman often appear in media as a "victim" - like the vulnerable and exposed african woman.

But in many ways, the black woman are also shown in a way more positive way - though creativity for example. So it is no easy question to answer.

My fellow Europeans - fill me in! :)

Beauty of the Moment

BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT: Samata Angel, UK/Ghana

MIMI Magazine featuring ME!

Now you can read the latest issue of MIMI Magazine - with an interview with myself!!! :)
Check it out at MIMI Magazine now!  Holla back! 

Heading off to Paradise!

Guess what yall!?! Next weekend I'm goin' back to Paradise!!! :) And to me Paradise is The Caribbean! So that's where me and my friends are going. And as allways the trip is heading to St Maarten (The Netherlands Antilles). Can't wait to feel the Vibe, the Sun and the Beautiful Ladies in P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. :)

In Picture: two sweet ladies from St Maarten

Monday, October 12, 2009

Beauty of the Moment

BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT & BIG-UP 2: Terry Pheto, actress, South Africa. She's a true beauty and she's starring in the Oscar-winning movie "Tsotsi" - by the way, a very good and strong movie.