Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beauty of the Moment

BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT: Unknown beauty, New York City, U.S.


SteveO said...

Love this blog. I sometimes wish I was younger, not married (just a though - I would never leave H!) ... free to do it all over again. I grew up in apartheid South Africa, boy that was tough. It sad how that society opposed interracial .... well, ANYTHING. I was kicked out of my last job because these sentiments are still alive and well in South Africa, and people couldn't handle me talking to (on a casual basis), flirting outside work and god forbid when they suspect I was having an affair ..... there's the door............!
But I moved to Dubai last year for a fresh start, and while it's not Africa with it's bountiful pleasures, there are still some African beauties ... lets see what happens now.

Have a look at Joelle Kayembe - WOW

Grave Digger said...

Wowww !
One of my fav. pic of your blog.
She's really beautiful and give a feeling of strenght. Love this pic.