Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beautiful couple in todays South Africa

As some of us knows, The World Cup in soccer/football has started in South Africa. And I gotta send a big-up to Matthew Booth in the South african team and his beautiful wife Sonia Bonneventia, former Miss South Africa. And when you look at it in an historic perspective - with the racist apartheid system in South Africa, I think this is a beautiful couple. He from the white upper class in Cape Town and she from the slum of Soweto, Johannesburg.

And apparently there are very very few "famous" interracial relationships in South Africa, even today, 20 years after the fall of apartheid.

As a journalist said "Matthew Booth and Sonia Bonneventia are like Romeo and Juliet, mixed with Disney's Lady and the Tramp"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beauty of the Moment

BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT: Unknown beauty

Photo Credit: Alain Paris

Beauty of the Moment

BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT: Onyinye Onyejekwe, Nigeria

Are we scared?

I think it's time we break this down - for good! :) And I need your help.
As long as I've got this blog I've got this question from time to time. And to be honest, I can't really answer the question, by myself - so help me fill it in.

As Leonora is asking me:

"My friend told me about your site because she happened to come across it while looking up interracial love and black women, something we have been discussing alot. She found your blog interesting and told me to take a look. It was funny because at first we couldn't believe it...we were both like "wow...white men actually like black women!" I guess we have always figured some do but the question that is yet to be answered is....why is it that in public places a white man will look at a black woman, even smile or say a word or two but they don't go any further. Is it because they are scared of what people may think? Are they uncomfortable approaching a black woman? We simply don't understand it. There is a growing population of black women who are attracted to white men but the problem is they don't know what to do or how to go about it because the white men don't seem to approach them. My friend and i both being a part of that group of women."
  • The the Black women out there, are you feeling the same way? Is this a common feeling? Tell us about your thoughts and experiences.
  • And the White guys out there... is this really true? Are scared? Scared of the beautiful black woman? Are we scared of what people may think?
Let's break this down together. Once and for all! :)

Thanks Leonora & Taf for bringing this question to surface! :)