Saturday, July 25, 2009

Insight: Cameroon

I've lived my life in a "mist". I didnt know... ehmm.. how should I say this. I knew about Cameroon and of course the women of Cameroon are beautiful. But I didnt know they were SO beautiful. Saw this girl from Cameroon here in Stockholm, Sweden - guess she was visiting some swedish friends. Any how - she was a TRUE beauty. I was like in a trance. So cute, so beautiful. Those beautiful eyes, that dark skin beauty. And I will never see her again. LOL ...aaaaaw! :D But at least I learnt something from it. Cameroon has got very beautiful women!


Faith said...

LOL that`s funny because I`m currently vacationing in Maryland, plenty of cameroonian girls over here that`s cray!
I Love your Blog

Anonymous said...

Andreas, that so sweeeet.
Why didnt you give her your number/e-mail?
Maybe next time better luck.

Clara said...

i think the most beautiful women of Africa are ethiopian. They are stunning!!!
Nice blog, by the way:)

Sonia said...

and Cameroon is a country with so much diversity (languages,tribes, etc) :) damn, I miss roots :)