Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BIG-UP 2: Sara Tavares

Just heard about this very talented portugese singer today. Sara Tavares. Probably well-known to you, but I was like "Whoa, what a smooth voice" The track a friend of mine played was "Bom Feeling" - got some caribbean vibes there! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Andreas,

I,m tuning in from London.
Loving the city. People are really nice.
U did it again. Love the new design. The combination of the colors. Just perfect.

I want to recommend u to listen to this lady. Izaline Calister. She also from Curacao.


bye bye,

kala77 said...

Ok, thank you for introducing some of us to her. I love hearing new music instead of listening to all this mainstream crap we get feed everyday.

Carib.girl said...

Wonderful song, and lovely woman. I've always loved different music. I grew up listening to different types of music in the Caribbean.

Well Sara, you have a new fan.


Clara said...

Yeah that music is great as the other from the album "Balancé". Sara is great, beautiful and intelligent!
Abraços a partir de Angola!

Sonia said...

she's really really cool. great tast of music :D