Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BIG-UP 2: Alain Paris

Gotta give a big-up to the french (I think...) photographer Alain Paris and his very beautiful and sensual pictures. Love the vibe in them. And he got a "thing" for the beautiful black woman, trust me! :) Check his photos at: www.alainparis.com


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the black feminist gender separatists/interracial evangelists have to say about this Alain Paris and his 'sexual objectification' of the black woman's image? It's tastefully done? lol.

Let's see how this one pan out... In the meantime, black is beautiful. Love it.

Anonymous said...

okay there...... It's all good love the work he's done. The pictures are very sensual.

Grave Digger said...

Very beautiful picture. He just has understood how to sublimate black beauty. Great and stunning picture.