Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a pity

I don't care if some people think the total opposite - I think Tanya Stephens is a true beauty! :) Big-up to you! "It's a pity" - One of the most vibeful songs ever!


This black girl, This white town. said...

Tanya Stephens is one of my fav. artists. A beautiful equalist....and shes got a way with words. I love that she can sing about sex, yet manage NOT to exploit herself. And that her lyrics arent limited to any specific theme, she sings about it, liberation, political issues, love etc.
Gotta love Tanya.

Nice blog.

So, I stumbled upon it, and I was do I like this whole idea? I've met and spoken with alot of white men who are enamored over black women. Its Soooo flattering. It is. What seems to disturb me about it, is that deep down within me, I feel like there is something wrong with being race specific if you dont know why you are.
When I ask white men why they like black women (the ones who do, anyway), i usually hear "Because they're beautiful". And when i ask what the essence of that beauty is, they tend to tell me thesame things along the lines of "they are outspoken"..."nice shape"..."sexually liberated"...blablabla.

Not to say those are your reasons,but thats what I usually hear. bothers me because that doesnt make a black woman.
As much as some folks like to think that black women are outspoken there are some who arent. There are some who dont have the hour-glass-big-backside-shape that so many people like to assume black women have. There are some, who dont fit that stereotype. And we see more and more of those these days. Which drives me to ask these people...

Could it be then, that you like a women that are sexually liberated, nicely shaped, and outspoken?

Could it be that the infatuation isnt with a black woman but what you think that they symbolize?

I just wonder.

Sorry to write up an epistle on your page.

Give my words a thought, will you? A response would be nice too. :)


cool_splash1 said...
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Anonymous said...

Well maybe because they see black women as beautiful. We have heard bm and other people in the black community use the white men fetish or just use black women for sex that when one says your beautiful etc. we automatically think there's something behind it. But we don't ask why black men love big butts or how they talk about sex with bw.

Most people don't know why they are attracted to a certain look, people etc. they just do. And seriously who's contemplating why they think someone is attractive? They just find them attracted.

Sonia said...

it is a great song, totally agree!!! :)