Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brand of the Day: Africa is the Future

Just love this France-based clothing brand. Africa is the Future. I'm waiting for my hoodie to arrive so I can represent! :) Take a look at:


Erik said...

Andreas, there's something I've wanted to ask you (forgot with you going offline for a while)--how come you haven't made any special feature yet about Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones?!

It's only because there's this stereotype out there that we white guys (especially us blond hair & blue eyes white guys) supposedly always prefer light-skinned women. But Grace Jones was about as black as a woman coud possibly get and Lundgren was about as white as a man could possibly get.

Pictures can say more than a thousand words, and this will go a long way to show all black ladies who visit your blog that they shouldn't be suprised if even the "whitest" of us men turn out to be interested in them romantically!

There's plenty of pictures around of Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones from when they were a famous couple during the 80s. I even read that it was actually Jones who landed Dolph that legendary role of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV!

Anonymous said...

Is African the Future for (Black) Africans? Or the Future for every other group....What does her shirt "really" mean? Africa for the Africans!!