Monday, November 14, 2011

WE LIKE: IyZaiah

Today we like IyZaiah. IyZaiah is a Ghanaian fashion designer and she creates vintage retro styles with ethnic bold radiant and vibrant print fabrics! Looks beautiful!

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What a wonderful blog, this should in the afoetic files. I love African textiles, especially West African. Medepa Ase (thanks in Ashanti/Akan/Twi) for sharing the work of IyZaiah.

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Anonymous said...

andreas, congratulations on keeping up this beautiful blog for 3 YEARS now!!!! please keep up the good work. you are inspiring and this blog is very refreshing! i read in previous blog entries that you are working on launching a magazine. i hope that endeavor will be a successful one for you! Thanks so much for the love and props!!!


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